Who am I ? 

My name is Noelle. The name ‘Little Deer’ comes from the person that brings me more joy than anything else in  world - my son, Oisín . His name in Irish translates to Little Deer and without him I don’t know that I ever would have ended up on this fulfilling journey of Wellness and Yoga.

I am a trained yoga teacher, life and health coach and also have completed several CPD courses on various aspects of Mindfulness, meditation and overall wellness with a focus on 'Wellness in the Workplace'.Through my own experiences and previous 10 year battle with anxiety and panic attacks I have mastered several practices and changes to overcome this entirely and I want to be able to help anyone else, who feels how I used to feel, be the best version of themselves and assist them level up their overall wellness. 

What do I do ?

I facilitate workshops and yoga classes to help you , or your employees, discover the best version of yourself/themselves. By learning and adapting certain habits and practices thought during our wellness days through various means such as Meditation and Gratitude anyone has the ability to re-wire their brain, create a positive outlook and increase their overall satisfaction with life. I also offer one to one or group Yoga classes suitable for all levels of experience.


I offer one-to-one or group based workshops and classes which can vary from one day to a weekly series depending on your needs or the needs of employees on a broad range of topics.

Employee wellness really is the backbone of any successful company and an investment in the wellness and health of your staff is an investment in your business. Do you provide counselling and therapy as part of your 'Employee Wellness Package' ? Why not engage with myself on some workshops to give employees the tools and skills that can help them before this service is needed , or as a booster to run along side? 

Some of our workshop & course topics include:
Morning or Mid-day Meditations .
Goal Setting in both life and career.
Yoga Classes
Gratitude practises and its importance in our wellness.
Mindfullness and over all wellness class.
(All are held via Zoom - on site option available depending on requirements)


See below for some reviews on previous Little Deer workshops and classes 

'Informative and Professional'

The 5 week mindfulness classes were very informative. I really enjoyed them and look forward to attending more.


So insightful. I will be keeping an eye out for any more workshops coming up.

'Useful Reminder'

The content of the workshop was very useful. Thank you for reminding me to look after my inner-self.

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